Starting in January 2023, STRUXIT will be expanding its service offering in the Western Cape while continuing to focus on excellence in the development and execution of projects to our valued clients. Over the last few years, we have increased our footprin

A THOUGHT PIECE BY SCHALK NEETHLING Quality assurance is essential to STRUXIT’s success. Part of this is being able to work efficiently and at speed. In this blog, Schalk Neethling shares his experience as the company’s Technical and Quality Expert. As

A thought piece by Hannes Wagner Trust and accountability are at the very heart of STRUXIT’s company culture. Here, founder and director Hannes Wagner explains why this ethos underpins the success of this thriving business. Trust and accountability are a

Much like the conductor of an orchestra, Schalk’s focused and efficient energy enables him to direct the singular instruments of the orchestra into a unified and optimised collective. As an executive, Schalk continuously looks for ways of improving quali

Chris Truter is an energetic engineering leader who loves to bring his positive charisma to any project’s team. He enjoys collaboration, especially working with others on new ideas. He believes that engineering should be about people, not just about calc

Due to shoppers’ ever-increasing preference for online shopping, the demand for warehouse space for both packaging and distribution has been on the rise nationally and internationally. This demand will further accelerate in the time of COVID-19, as shopp