Starting in January 2023, STRUXIT will be expanding its service offering in the Western Cape while continuing to focus on excellence in the development and execution of projects to our valued clients.

Over the last few years, we have increased our footprint in the Western Cape with Derick Immelman as the Executive in charge of Business Development. This growth has opened up opportunities for us to bring more skilled people on board. Now, Andries Viljoen and his team from AVCON Engineers will integrate with STRUXIT Projects to increase our ability to service our clients’ needs. Andries joins STRUXIT as an Executive and Western Cape Operations Manager, while Derick’s focus will shift to a business development role in the Western Cape for the foreseeable future.

With seventeen years’ experience in the sector, Andries holds an M.Eng. from Stellenbosch University. He says, “STRUXIT has an excellent business model, a strong team and an inspiring company culture. The senior management has built up lasting relationships with some leading clients in the country, and it’s a privilege to become part of that.”

Andries started AVCON in 2014, motivated by many of the same factors that drive the team at STRUXIT. “I started my own business because I could see that, in large corporate organisations, the personal touch sometimes gets lost. I always try to achieve the client’s vision, working closely with the architect and the larger multidisciplinary team using a solutions-based approach, and keeping the client’s long-term interest at heart.

“A building is not just a structure. It’s essential to be aware of its effect and character, and how what you do impacts its use and maintenance. It’s this attention to detail that adds a lot of extra value for clients. I see this same ethos with STRUXIT – they have the muscle to tackle larger projects but pay personal attention to each project.”

Andries will continue to serve his current clients while bringing his expertise to the table to honour our promises to clients. “We share the value of delivering excellent client service, putting clients’ needs at heart, thinking creatively and using technology in an innovative way to come up with new, yet viable, solutions. I am confident that, through this expansion, we will be able to reinforce STRUXIT’s Western Cape offering. We’re local, we’ve been here for a long time, and we bring our networks and additional experience to the table. I’m excited to be working as an integral part of the STRUXIT team to build a better South Africa.”

Andries joining the team will enable STRUXIT to go from strength to strength in the Western Cape, building on the solid foundation that has been set.