Introducing: Schalk Neethling

Much like the conductor of an orchestra, Schalk’s focused and efficient energy enables him to direct the singular instruments of the orchestra into a unified and optimised collective.

As an executive, Schalk continuously looks for ways of improving quality and efficiency, by implementing and improving systems, innovating and breaking away from the norm. Excellence is non-negotiable. When mentoring the STRUXIT team, Schalk instils commitment and excellence with every interaction. He surrounds his dynamic team with people who share the company values and provide them with the opportunity and tools to meet their goals.

Over the past 3 years’ Schalk took the lead on some of STRUXIT’s largest projects. He is very proud of the company delivering on these, a sum of projects which values reach into the billions. “This is a testament to our style of doing things and the relationships we forge with our clients. We believe in the abilities of all STRUXIT team members, and we have a can-do attitude in everything we do,” he says.

His biggest strength lies in knowing that you will never stop learning.

“I have learned many lessons in my career and continue to learn each day. No matter how challenging the job becomes, I always learn from it and improve.”

It is this approach that has enabled him to become a technical and quality expert. He can focus clearly on the big picture while implementing the detail of quality assurance processes that ensure excellent team standards. His continuous efforts to improve and refine the STRUXIT way allows the team to operate in harmony.