We execute visions not just plans.


We see ourselves as navigators. Guiding projects and all involved along the best possible path while respecting their unique value and craft.


We use technology to develop unique, scalable, optimisation that has the potential for automation through systems.


We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Struxit Office

STRUXIT Projects (Pty) Ltd provides full civil and structural engineering services, covering the entire project’s scope. We strive for excellence in each venture, with our focus being customer/client satisfaction and project sustainability. We are recognised as being honest, hardworking, resourceful, effective, punctual, and reliable and to the point. We are a team that aspires to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and project teams.

Our team members are experienced in a variety of projects in the property market sectors of residential, commercial, retail and industrial.


We understand your specific needs and adapt to deliver. That is why we equip our business with employees that are experts in their respective fields.

Skill Sets

B.Tech Employees
Pr.Eng Employees
B.Eng Employees

Years Of Experience

104 years of B.Tech Experience
123 years of Pr.Eng Experience
36 years of B.Eng Experience


Meet our team of highly skilled individuals.

Hannes Wagner, Executive, Beng

Hannes Wagner

Executive, Pr.Eng

Chris Truter, Executive, Pr Eng

Chris Truter

Executive, Pr.Eng

Dallin Pols, Executive, Pr Eng

Dallin Pols

Executive, Pr.Eng

Derick Immelman, Executive, Pr Eng

Derick Immelman

Executive, Pr.Eng

Dirk Van Der Merwe, Executive, Pr Eng

Dirk van der Merwe

Executive, Pr.Eng

Schalk Neethling, Executive, Pr Eng

Schalk Neethling

Executive, Pr.Eng

Jimmy Marler, Senior Engineer, Pr Eng

Jimmy Marler

Senior Engineer, Pr.Eng

Arno Gerrits, Technician, Btech

Arno Gerrits

Technologist, B.Tech

Rudolph Smith, Engineer, Beng

Rudolph Smith

Engineer, B.Eng

Ewert Du Toit, Technician, Btech

Ewert du Toit

Technologist, B.Tech

Ashley Bellato, Engineer, Beng

Ashley Bellato

Engineer, B.Eng

Will Olivier, Engineer, Beng

Will Olivier

Engineer, B.Eng

Dawie De Klerk, Engineer, Beng

Dawie de Klerk

Engineer, B.Eng

Jacques Mare, Engineer, Beng

Jacques Mare

Engineer, B.Eng

Nhlalonhle Madela, Technician, Ndip

Nhlalonhle Madela

Technician, NDIP

Janes Brits, Engineer, Beng

Janes Brits

Engineer, B.Eng

Mary Mhalangu, Office Administartor

Mary Mhalangu

Office Administrator

Johann Du Plessis, Technician, Ndip

Johann du Plessis

Technician, NDIP

Lize Mari Engelbrecht, Technician, Ndip

Lize-Mari Engelbrecht

Technologist, B.Tech

Marcel Kruger, Engineer, Beng

Marcel Kruger

Engineer, B.Eng

Steyn Malan, Engineer, Beng

Steyn Malan

Engineer, B.Eng

Eckard De Goede, Engineer, Beng

Eckard de Goede

Engineer, B.Eng

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Who’s Next?

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