We exist to deliver innovative excellence for our clients.


In a world where our clients are expected to do more with less, we embrace the challenge. We harness the co-creative potential of brilliant minds and cutting-edge technology. No problem is too big, too difficult, or too complex.

People are the essence of our process and our success. We cultivate trust and mutual respect, and challenge our clients, our fellow professionals and our team to think differently. We embrace change and continually adapt our approach in pursuit of a seamless design and execution process.

The result is always superior in quality and efficiency.

At STRUXIT, excellence is non-negotiable.

We value curiosity, creativity and resourcefulness.

We trust and empower.

Our people are the driving force behind our innovations. We challenge our team members with responsibility and the freedom to experiment, in a supportive and mutually respectful environment. We recruit only the best for each role. We channel the wisdom, experience and expertise of our senior engineers to develop promising talent. We hold each other accountable and consciously celebrate successes.

We expect great work from our people, and we get it.

This is how problems get solved quickly and innovatively.

Our vision is to provide South Africa with unmatched engineering services. We embrace the unique challenges of every project as an opportunity to serve our clients with excellence – bringing our clients solutions that both meet their objectives and surpass traditional thinking.

We strive to be innovative in all aspects of professional service delivery, and to pursue value at all levels of engagement. We are a navigator, directing everyone involved along the best possible path to success.

We look forward to building excellence with you in the future.

We are driven by our desire to bring about positive change for our clients, our community and our country.

We value inclusivity, treat each other with respect and support each team member to fulfil their potential. We only recruit the best for each role, knowing that each person contributes their own unique skills, attributes and value to the project process.

STRUXIT is a growing company that actively strives to build a talented and diverse team. Employing a diverse and inclusive workforce is essential to our ability to innovate as an organisation. This enables us to adapt and prosper in a fast-changing world.

Community is a core value – we proactively strive to rebalance our organisation in line with the communities in which we operate. We actively foster a culture that is inclusive of different perspectives and experiences, while progressing towards a working environment that is more agile and responsive to the needs of all individuals.

We continue to measure and track the progress we make annually and strive to reach our targets through commitment and concrete actions.

Hannes Wagner

CEO | Technical and Business Expert

Chris Truter

Director | Technical and Innovations Expert

Derick Immelman

Director | Technical and Customer Service Expert

Dirk van der Merwe

Head of Civils | Technical and People Champion

Schalk Neethling

Executive | Technical and Quality Expert

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